Krka National Park

Krka National Park was established in 1985. It is located in Dalmatia, near the town of Šibenik. The Park stretches over 109 km2 along the river Krka, downstream from Knin to Skradin. On its way to the sea, the river forms numerous lakes and waterfalls. The river source lies at the foothills of Dinara, near the town of Knin, and it joins the sea near Šibenik. The river flows through a 75-kilometre-long canyon, running over seven tufa barriers. Roški waterfall and Skradinski buk are the most famous, but there are also Bilušića buk, Manojlovac, Brljan, Rošnjak and Miljacka waterfall. Many old mills still stand on the waterfalls. The waterfalls here also flow over tufa barriers. Do you remember what tufa is and how it is created?