(Hrvatski) Park prirode Učka


Učka Nature Park, established in 1999, covers the Učka Mountain and a part of Ćićarija, and it connects Istria with the continental Croatia. The chestnut, or marun, is one of the symbols of the Park. Ćićarija is a hilly plateau next to Učka, called White Istria for its white cliffs. The highest peak of Ćićarija is Veli Planik (1272 m) and Vojak (1401 m) is the highest peak of Učka.

Učka vrh Sisol

Vojak peak
There is a stone tower on Vojak, the highest peak of Učka, a point from which you can almost see Venice. There are also telescopes up there, so you can see as many as three countries – Croatia, Italy and Slovenia!

Ucka Vojak

On Ćićarija you will find Korita (troughs), a spring below the 1,010-metre-high Brajkova cliff. The spring was very important for the residents, so they made troughs for collecting water and watering the cattle. You can still drink the water running down ten wooden troughs.